American Tomahawk

In stock 11-20-19

Peter LaGana founded the American Tomahawk Company in 1966 with the original Vietnam Tomahawk design. Sporting a wood handle and a uniquely designed axe head, nearly 4000 Vietnam Tomahawks served Soldiers and Marines in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Today, American Tomahawk pays homage to its history by combining proven designs with modern materials. The resulting performance gains make our products indispensable to those who go into harm’s way. The versatility of our Tomahawks is limited only by the user’s imagination.

The Model 1 head is made from drop-forged, 1060 carbon steel (HRC-56) and is powder-coated black for corrosion resistance.

Handle options:- Dupont SUPERTOUGH Nylon 66 (STN 66)

Tennessee Hickory flamed and lacquered wood

price- $189.00

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Poetry Everyone Can Love

I was able to acquire a limited amount of books from the LaGana family that Peter wrote in 1998. This book of poems reveals that Peter S. LaGana was a true patriot and this book of poetry shows his love for this country and the men and women who defend it. Not many people know that Peter was a poet and put together this collection of poetry that he had written over the years. Peter once told me that if I read this book of poetry, I would really know him. We are offering this limited amount of book to his fans for $19.95 plus $6.00 for shipping. Please e mail us at to order your copy today.