Please pardon us while we continue to serve you better. This website will be a work in progress. Feel free to e mail me at brantonknives@tds.net with any questions.

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Welcome to Branton Knifeworks. As a lover and a maker of all things sharp, I wanted to diversify my offerings that will pull together my lifelong passion for knives as a collector and knifemaker since 1984 into one business. I have been fortunate to become friends with many knifemakers and industry professionals over the years. This will enable me to have access to some of the finest knives available today.

With help from my wife Brenda as my partner in this venture, I will continue to make Branton Custom knives and Tru Balance throwing knives. I hope to make a few of my custom knives available on this website as they become available.

Thank you for your continued support,

Bobby Branton