Tru Balance throwing knives

I have these extras from a batch that I finished this week available for immediate delivery.
Top to bottom.
Model #4 battle blade $95.00 – SOLD
Model #70 pro throw $95.00- SOLD
Model #6 rifleman 95.00 -SOLD
Specs can be seen here.

Just click on the PDF to open the catalog.




Tru Bal Tru Pro. This model has been discontinued for years. This is a custom order. $150.00 – SOLD
Made from spring steel, 3/16th inch thick 2 inches wide and 13 1/2 inches. Rare piece.



World famous Paul LaCross throwers. I have five in stock. These were available as a custom order only. I have no plans to make anymore. These come from the old Tru Bal shop in Michigan. $150.00 each. All SOLD

I would prefer to sell as a set of five.
16 inches overall, 2 1/2 inches wide at the widest point. Made from 1/8 inch stock.